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BLK Global Logistics is the leading organization in Logistics Conducting for companies with critical global logistics requirements for their business purposes.

We orquestrate the different processes so that highly critical logistics operations may be executed effectively, strategically and competitively pursuant to our Logistics Conducting Model, focusing on offering our services to industrial companies with multiple business areas.

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2018 National Logistics Award Winners

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2018 National Logistics Award "Tameme Award"

Awarded in the "Logistics Service Provider" category for the coordination of maneuvers, customs clearance and transport for the construction of a combined cycle power plant in the municipality of Ahome, Sinaloa. Our work contributed to the production of efficient low environmental impact electricity.

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Focused on the generation of energy in different types of plants: combined cycle, hydroelectric, wind, compression stations, gas pipelines, cement, geothermal and turbo generators.



imported through the main national customs offices and delivered to more than 150 industrial units throughout Mexico.


Billion Dollars

accumulated value of declared merchandise from Altamira, Tamaulipas to Chiapas, passing through the plants in Ciudad Juarez, Gomez Palacios, Juchitan, Salamanca or Tula.



in addition to the electrical industry, we have also participated in hydrocarbon industry projects such as refining, natural gas and petrochemicals.

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